Welcome to the Stawiguda Municipality’s website!

Although Stawiguda is a small rural municipality, we strive to guarantee our residents urban standards of living. Residents have access to all necessary social and educational services, which are guaranteed by the local self-government. Stawiguda has two preschools, three primary schools, one junior high school and two health facilities. Close vicinity to the City of Olsztyn facilitates the construction of single and multi-family housing developments. More and more people are deciding to make Stawiguda their home; as it is the perfect place to live. During the last 5 years the number of new residents rose by almost 30%, and currently 6500 (six thousand five hundred) people reside in the municipality.

Completed investments and honors awarded to Stawiguda are proof that Our Municipality is developing and constantly undergoing changes. We want the Stawiguda Municipality to be a safe and comfortable place, where everyone can live, start a family and raise their children.

The municipality has been systematically investing in increasing the quality of communal infrastructure and transportation. A large part of these investments could not have taken place without financial funding from the European Union. Stawiguda has been successfully applying for European subsidies; even before Poland’s accession to the European Union. 

During the last few years Stawiguda carried out substantial investments; including a road expansion, the expansion of our water and waste water network, we have built a new preschool, and are currently completing the construction of the ORLIK sports field complex.

Our appealing investment offer has attracted many national and international companies to establish their headquarters in Stawiguda. Our largest investors include: Mazurskie Miody – manufacturer of honey products and exclusive liquors, InterParts – a leading distributor of spare parts for automobiles. The hotel industry is also developing in the region – including the Warmia Park Hotel and SPA in Pluski, Gallery 69 and the Jabłoński Hotel in Dorotowo.

Other investors include: Polterm, Barwa System, Panartic Poland as well as Ecobarra, an innovative fish farm.

The municipality’s activities have also been recognized on an international scale.

During the summer of 2010, Stawiguda hosted the European Self-Government Convention; the convention was attended by representatives from Italy, Germany, Lithuania and Bulgaria, as well as representatives of 5 Polish municipalities. We know that good partnerships can lead to numerous advantages for local and municipal residents, which is why want the annual Convention to become a cyclical event in our municipality’s calendar. The main objectives of these meetings are the exchange of experiences and assuming actions which lead to the improvement of life quality for our residents.


We invite everyone to visit Stawiguda – a municipality that fosters success. 


Stawiguda. Your place – your home.