About Stawiguda


Gmina Stawiguda
ul. Olsztyńska 10
11-034 Stawiguda
Tel. +48 89 512 64 75

Statistical data (as for 31.12.2018)
Total area in km2: 223.22
Total population: 9869
Population density: 44 per 1 km2

Location and road network
Stawiguda Commune is located in northern Poland, in the central part of the province of Warmia and Mazury, Olsztyn District and it shares a border with Olsztyn to the north. The national road no. 21, running from Olsztynek through Olsztyn (the capital of the province) to Bezledy, directly crosses the commune. The Olsztyn ring road is being built along the national road no. 16 on the territory of the commune. The commune is also crossed by the railroad connecting Warsaw with Olsztyn. The nearest airfield, Olsztyn Mazury Airport, is situated in Szymany (distance of ca.60 km). The landing strip in Gryźliny is also located in the commune.

The main businesses of the entrepreneurs in the commune are:

  • commercial and services
  • transport
  • construction
  • restaurants and hotels

The strength of Stawiguda commune is its favourable location in the vicinity of Olsztyn and the fact that the main transportation routes of the province cross here and the proximity of Olsztyn Mazury Airport.

More and more companies are willing to invest and run their businesses in Stawiguda Commune, many companies from Olsztyn change their location and choose our commune for a place of their residence. They are moving by virtue of reduced costs, low-priced land and better commute.

The number of entries in CEIDG (Central Registration and Information on Business) according to the principal place of business in Stawiguda commune is 768. Entrepreneurs comprise 11% of the total population. Over the recent years a constant rise of new entries to the CEIDG has been visible. In 2016 there were 88 entries made, in 2014 – 73 and in 2015 – 82 entries.  

To the businesses already established in Stawiguda Commune belong: Barwa System, Interparts, Alnea LLC, BD Schenker, Karo Okna Drewniane, but we already know about another companies, which locate their registered offices in Stawiguda commune, such as Lech Centrum LLC.

Investment opportunities
The commune has a ca. 140 ha free investment area, intended for services and investment areas in the land development plan. A real estate tax exemption applies to the territory of the commune as a part of the de minimis aid for entrepreneurs.

Human resources, education
The unemployment in the district equals: 13,4%
The number of the unemployed in the district:: 6253
The number of the unemployed in Stawiguda Commune: 105
The unemployment rate in Stawiguda Commune: 2%
Average wage: 3635 PLN

The proximity of the University of Warmia and Mazury is a strength. UWM is composed of 17 faculties. 14 of them have full academic rights, therefore are entitled to confer a degree of assistant professor (in 16 branches). On those 17 faculties in the academic year 2016/2017 there were over 20 thousand students of 74 fields of study, including 19 thousand full-time students and 600 doctoral students and 1.2 thousand postgraduate students.

UWM closely cooperates with economy, maintaining a database of technological and service offers. The cooperation is coordinated by Innovation and Technology Transfer Centre (CIiTT), which helps to effectively use results of scientific research of the university employees to the needs of economy.

The good communication routes between the commune and Olsztyn allow for the exchange of workforce.

Technological infrastructure
The condition of the infrastructure on the territory of the commune varies to high extent. The media are within reach of the investment areas.

Institutions supporting the investors

Polish Investment and Trade Agency 
Warmia and Mazury Special Economic Zone 
Warmia and Mazury Regional Development Agency
Employment Agency of Olsztyn District