Support for investors

Local incentives
To the best quality of investors’ service there is a person who help and support investors at the Commune Office. Main tasks of the Project Manager are:

  • Prepares information about the investment opportunities of the commune
  • Assists the investors in all the necessary administrative and legal procedures that occur during the project,
  • Offers quick access to comprehensive information on the economic and legal environment of investment,
  • Provides comprehensive assistance in finding a suitable location, consistent with the expectation of investors and partners and subcontractors,
  • Provides post-investment assistance for companies, also supports companies that are already active in the commune,
  • Informs about investment incentives granted by the Stawiguda Commune and the Warmia and Mazury Special Economic Zone.


Stawiguda Commune offers potential investors - entrepreneurs exemption from real estate tax in the form of de minimis aid.


 Exemption period: 1, 2 or 3 years
 CONDITION get relief is to realize a new inwestment and create new work-places

The property tax rate for the day 2018-10-31:

Residential buildings 0,75 PLN
Buildings asociated with doing business 20,10 PLN
Buildings asociated with doing business in the field of marketing of seed 10,80 PLN
The buildings asociated with the provision of health 4,70 PLN
Other buildings (including occupied for paid public benefit activity) 7,77 PLN
Land-related economic activity 0,83 PLN
Other land (including occupied for paid public benefit activity) 0,45 PLN
Buildings 2%

Regional incentives

The Investor Assistance Centre
The IAC personnel operate according to the standards specified by PAIiIZ, they are trained by the Agency and have constant access to specific assistance from Agency staff. Each of the units has as their territory for operations, the voivodship’s area, in which they are based and keep an up to date data base on the voivodship’s economy. The centres also have a data base of contacts with the local authorities and business support institutions, that operate to develop the voivodship. The main goal for the IAC operations is to ensure the complete service to the investors at a voivodship level. The centres cooperate with PAIiIZ on investment projects and provide an independent services to investors who report to them directly.

The Investor Assistance Centre
Plac Generała Józefa Bema 3,
10-516 Olsztyn


Warmia and Mazury Regional Development Agency
The Agency was founded in 1993. The aim of the Agency is to operate for the economic development of the Warmia and Mazury Region and to aid small and medium sized enterprises from Warmia and Mazury in their development processes.

The international activity of the Agency is handled by Foreign Investor Assistance and International Business Cooperation. You will find all necessary information in the following links:

International business cooperation in Warmia and Mazury Region (link) and Investor Assistance in Warmia and Mazury Region (link).

Warmia and Mazury Regional Development Agency
Gen. Józef Bem Square 3
10-516 Olsztyn
tel.: 89 521 12 50
fax: 89 521 12 60

Internal incentives

The Polish Investment and Trade Agency
The Polish Investment and Trade Agency (formerly Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency), helps investors to enter the Polish market and find the best ways to utilise the possibilities available to them. We guide investors through all the essential administrative and legal procedures that involve a project; we also support firms that are already active in Poland. We provide rapid access to the complex information relating to legal and business matters regarding the investments, help in finding the appropriate partners and suppliers, together with new locations. Agency’s mission is also to create a positive image of Poland across the world, promoting Polish goods and services. Polish Investment and Trade Agency kindly informs that our office hours are from Monday till Friday, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

e-mail for investors: 
Bagatela Street 12
00-585 Warsaw
Tel: +48 22 334 98 00
Fax: +48 22 334 99 99

Governmental grants are provided on the basis of Programme for supporting investments of major importance to the Polish economy for years 2011-2023 (further as the Programme), adopted by the Council of Ministers on July 5, 2011.

Form of support
Support is provided in the form of a grant on the basis of a agreement concluded between the Minister of Economy and the investor. The agreement lays down conditions for the payment of the grant, which is paid proportionately to the degree of fulfilling investor’s commitments.

Support can be applied for by companies planning investments in the following priority sectors:

  1. automotive sector,
  2. electronic and household appliances sector,
  3. aviation sector,
  4. biotechnology sector,
  5. food processing sector,
  6. modern services sector,
  7. research and development (R&D).

Support can also be applied for by companies planning manufacturing investments in other sectors if a project’s minimum eligible costs are 750 m PLN and minimum 200 new jobs or 500 m PLN and 500 new jobs (significant investments).